Kieslect Warranty and Return Policy

Kieslect Store Warranty Coverage: This policy exclusively safeguards products purchased via Kieslect’s official online store. To guarantee authenticity and warranty protection for your Kieslect Product, we strongly recommend purchasing from our official online platform.

Two-Year Limited Product Warranty: 

This warranty is applicable solely to Products sold to customers through Kieslect’s official online store.

 Warrantor:This two-year limited consumer warranty (“Warranty”) is issued by Shanghai Kieslect Technology Company Limited.

 Warrantee:Issued by Kieslect to the consumer (“Consumer” or “you”), this Warranty applies to individuals or entities who purchase a new, eligible device directly from Kieslect’s official online store. This Warranty is non-transferable and exclusive to the original purchaser.

Covered Devices:

New, physical Kieslect hardware devices (“Device”) are covered under this warranty if included in the original packaging or referenced as part of an online sales or Product set-up process. Product registration is not a prerequisite for warranty eligibility, although full functionality of certain Kieslect Products may require connection to an online Kieslect account.

Warranted Functionality: 

Kieslect warrants that the Device will function substantially as per the technical specifications or accompanying documentation (“Warranted Functionality”) for two (2) years from the original purchase date (“Warranty Period”). Should the Device require Kieslect software or services to achieve the Warranted Functionality, Kieslect commits to providing such support during the Warranty Period, subject to updates or modifications at our discretion, provided that the Warranted Functionality is either maintained or enhanced.


Exclusions: This warranty is limited and is not applicable to:

(i) normal wear and tear;

(ii) defects or damage caused by misuse(Including the use of the product in corrosive water), accident (including without limitation collision, fire, flood, earthquake and the spillage of food or liquid), neglect, abuse, alteration, unusual stress, modification, improper or unauthorized repair, installation, wiring, or testing, improper storage, use with unsuitable devices, software or services;

(iii) use not in accordance with the documentation;

(iv) damage caused by third party equipment with which the Device is used; (v) commercial use or resale;

(v) used or resold Products;

(vi) use for medical, healthcare or treatment purposes;

(vii) features or performance parameters pertaining to any software or services beyond the Warranted Functionality of the Device.

For clarity, this Warranty does not cover guarantees on uptime, data security for apps or online accounts, uninterrupted software functionality, or freedom from errors. It is void if the Device is tampered with. Data loss and consequential or incidental damages are not covered. Except as stated, Kieslect does not offer any other warranties for the Device or connected software or services. Additional Terms and Conditions:

 Shipping costs, gift wrapping fees, and taxes are non-refundable.

 Customers bear all shipping costs and risk for returned Products.

 Returns without a Kieslect RMA or missing parts may be refused or incur a restocking fee.

 Refunds are processed within four weeks of receipt.

Limitation of Liability: Under this Warranty, Kieslect is not liable for indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits, data, use of the Device, or any associated equipment, replacement costs, or third-party claims.

Governing Law:

 This Limited Warranty is governed by the laws of the China. It grants you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state. Note that some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations or exclusions may not be applicable to you.


 The exclusive remedy for the Consumer under this Warranty, and the sole responsibility of Kieslect, is that Kieslect will either repair or replace the defective Device, or update software or services to ensure the Device performs as warranted. The choice of repair, replacement, or software update is at Kieslect’s discretion. Replacements may be new or remanufactured. If deemed unreasonable to replace a defective Device, Kieslect may refund the purchase price.

Claims Process:

 To pursue remedies under this Warranty, Kieslect must receive the Consumer’s claim before the Warranty Period expires. The Consumer is required to obtain a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) from Kieslect and return the defective Device in its original packaging (or packaging of equivalent protection), along with proof of purchase, to the address specified by Kieslect. In compliance with applicable law, proof of purchase and adherence to registration requirements may be necessary for warranty service. The Consumer is responsible for all shipping costs to Kieslect. By sending the Device, the Consumer consents to transfer ownership to Kieslect. Kieslect is not obligated to return the original Device and any replacement will not include the Consumer’s data. Repaired or replaced Devices are warranted for either the remainder of the original Warranty Period or 90 days from receipt, whichever is longer. If the claim is validated under this Warranty, Kieslect will cover the return shipping costs. Products returned without a valid claim or RMA may be rejected, returned at the sender’s expense, or retained for up to 30 days for pickup before disposal at Kieslect’s discretion.


 For warranty claims, or if you have questions, please contact Kieslect support at

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