The App Solution

Through the app’s advanced data analytics and AI algorithms to giving you a deeper understanding of your health.


Suitable For:
Ks\ Ks Mini\ Ks Pro\ Kr Pro Ltd


Suitable For:
Ks\ Ks Mini\ Ks Pro\ Kr Pro Ltd\ Kr2

Kieslect | KIE OS | KS OS

KIE OS, Kieslect and KS OS are all sports health apps owned by Kieslect.
It integrates health data recording, motion trajectory recording, wearable device control and other functions, which is your exclusive health housekeeper.
It makes it easy for you to record all the data from your wearable device, so that you can better grasp your sports health data.

After you connect a wearable device through the app, you can:

App ScreenShots

The app already supports multiple national languages, and will also support more wearable devices to bring more wonderful experiences!

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