Kieslect fashion smart watches are popular in the market. Kieslect supplying over 5,000 retail outlets in more than 60 countries.

At present, Kieslect has launched a series of smart watches, the most popular of which is the calling smartwatch. This series of smart watches includes lady’s smart calling watches and fashion smart watches.

The small size of fashion smart watches can carry more hardware configurations, so as to realize richer functional applications and become a separate main body. Compared with traditional watches, the combination with functions such as health monitoring and sports makes it have more application scenarios.

Since Kieslect smart watches have the advantages of top suppliers, fashionable smart watches have rich functions while bringing a qualitative leap in user experience.


Kieslect has partnered up with the leading wireless technology providers in the world as well as a few other selected companies with core technology.

Kieslect has always been inspired by our creativity and ingenuity. Since 2017, Kieslect has strived to bring new life into the industry by making quality, fashionable smart watches.

Today, Kieslect continues to focus on what makes us optimism, authenticity and of course, our creative spirit. Everything Kieslect makes complements every style and fits every lifestyle, for all the moments that make us.

Kieslect attributes it to a combination of nowadays advanced wireless technology, Kieslect spirit, coupled with a deep understanding of market demand.

Today, Kieslect employs 600 people worldwide, manages a distribution network supplying over 5,000 retail outlets in more than 60 countries.


Never Give Up.
We are resilient. We keep pushing and shaping the world around us. If we get knocked down,
we get right back up. We celebrate our stories of passion, determination and fearlessness.
Time does not stand still and neither do we. Never give up.


Embrace and lead the new world of smart wearable.


We will be the global leader in niche market we serve, and our products will be sought after for their compelling design, superior quality, and best value.


We hire the best talent and provide our associates with competitive compensations, generous benefits, career growth opportunities, and a fun and engaging work environment that encourages long-term contributions.
We offer products with essential utility, leading-edge technologies, compelling features, and exceptional ease-of-use to create clear differentiators our customers appreciate and desire.
We embrace a vertically integrated business model with strategic design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and support centers around the world to maximize our value to customers.
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