Kieslect Lady Smart Watch L11 Pro

2.5D FHD 1.3″ Semi-Amoled Screen.
30 Days Long Battery Life.
13 Sports Mode.
Heart Rate Monitor & Blood Oxygen Monitor.
Female Menstrual Reminder.

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Kieslect Lady Watch L11 Pro Smart watch with Bright Semi-AMOLED Touchscreen Display, Features Music, Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Workouts Calories, Female Menstrual Reminder, Sleep Tracking, Blood Oxygen, IP68 Waterproof, Stopwatch, Call & Message Notification, Android & IOS Ivory White | Pink

2.5D FHD 1.3″ Semi-Amoled Screen:
With a 1.3″ 360×360 high-resolution semi-amoled screen, L11 Pro creates a vivid and colorful display. Dynamic and multiple customized dial options make it more lively and interesting.

30 Days Long Battery Life:
L11 Pro is powered by a 330mAh large capacity battery that can be fully charged within 2 hours. When fully-charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 15 days extra-long battery life or 30 days standby time. Keep active with one less charger in your bag and enjoy your journey without worrying about battery life.

13 Sports Mode:
It supports 13 sports mode, recording your extensive daily exercise in real time and helps improve your health. Running, Walking, Cycling, Climbing, Spinning Bike, Yoga, Skipping, Gymnastic, Badminton, Ping-pong, Boating, Sit-ups and Free training.

Heart Rate Monitor & Blood Oxygen Monitor:
This fitness smart watch can not only detect your blood pressure and heart rate in real time, but also analyzes your sleep pattern. With this little life and health assistant, you can make adjustments to your lifestyle in time to improve health status.

Female Menstrual Reminder:
It does not matter if you cannot remember or lose track of your menstrual period, L11 pro comes in handy in such situations. It will keep record of your menstrual cycle and predict the next one. Super helpful for ladies with busy schedules.


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