IMILAB Kieslect Smart Tag

The Kieslect Smart Tag that saves you time

It is inevitable to lose some things in life, even though things are always lost and changed, do you want to find them at once when they are missing? Today, I bring you a smart product anti-lost device, which may help you. This anti-lost device is (IMILab) Kieslect Smart Tag. Its appearance design is small and light, easy to carry, and can be buckled in places such as keys, backpacks, pets, cars, etc. The (IMILab) Kieslect Smart Tag can be installed on all brands of mobile phones and connected to the TuyalOT system. It supports one-click search and has a built-in anti-lost reminder. Its range is 50 meters.
IMILAB Kieslect Smart Tag
You can hang (IMILab) Kies Smart Tag on what you need. When you can’t find these things at home, you can make the anti-lost device to send out a reminder through your mobile phone, and then you can easily find it according to the direction of the sound you hear. When the items bound to your mobile phone exceed a certain range, the anti-lost device will Remind you by means of alert tone or mobile phone notification. If something falls outside, unfortunately you don’t have these prompts, then you can also check the location where it was disconnected from the phone last time through the mobile app, and then look for it slowly.
Use (IMILab) Kieslect Smart Tag to get rid of lost items and make life easier!
A Chinese resident retrieves his lost bicycle through Kieslect SmartTag
Are you still worrying about not finding something?

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