Smart watch development trend and smart watch brand supplier selection

Productivity and consumption will also recover, and global smart watch shipments will show an upward trajectory. The performance of smart watch brands supplier in the market has also shown some differentiation. Analysts believe that if breakthroughs are made in functional innovations such as watch health monitoring and calling, and market consumption is fully stimulated, shipments this year may exceed the 300 million mark.

It is worth noting that smart watches will usher in a peak growth in 2024, with global shipments expected to reach 350 million units, but thereafter will decline slightly due to the saturation of market demand and the rise of new consumer terminals such as AR headsets.

Although India became the world’s largest smart watch market last year, its products are more positioned to match fashion and trendy products, and the consumption level is still relatively rudimentary. There is huge room for advancement and growth in the future. In addition to India, South America and Europe are all overseas target markets for China’s smart watch supply chain.

If you want to get rid of your smartphone completely, an independent call is a must-have function for a smart watch.

To realize the independent call function, the most critical technical condition is to support eSIM under the 4G network. As long as the eSIM card is embedded in the watch chip, the smart watch supports functions such as surfing the Internet, calling and sending text messages.

At present, there are many smart watches in the industry that have independent communication functions, such as Apple’s Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, and cutting-edge brands such as Kieslect have performed well in the call smart watch market.

Health monitoring is an important direction for smart watches to expand market space and increase added value.
In response to the market enthusiasm for health monitoring, head manufacturers lead the development of the industry and promote more types and more accurate health monitoring capabilities to be equipped with smart watches, so as to better enhance the practical value.

Although there are many brands for suppliers to choose from in the watch market, in the field of calling watches, the Kieslect brand has focused on the research and development of calling smart watches in the early stage. Its comprehensive competitiveness in terms of shipments, market share, product structure, and main customer groups has already improved. Ranked among the top ten smart watch brands in the world. Kieslect brand new product testing, creative design and other new product collaborative research and development, accurately locate market demand, and build an integrated research and development ecosystem for consumers, brand owners and supply chain enterprises.

Digital technology can run through the entire process of R&D, production, distribution, service and consumption, optimize the allocation efficiency of traditional production materials, and promote the coordination of the entire value chain. The release of corporate innovation momentum requires truly collaborative innovation from the consumer market to intermediate manufacturing, to the final supply of raw materials, improvement of production technology, and a series of industrial collaborations such as underlying infrastructure, logistics, and finance.

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