Dual Core, Triple Speed

Most smartwatches use a single CPU to power every operation, resulting in laggy operation and high power consumption. The Kieslect Ks2 features industry’s leading “Dual Core” Technology, brings an amazing 60 FPS refresh rate and a 30% reduction in power consumption. All of these contribute to a seamless connectivity, lighting-fast responses, and an incredible efficiency.

Advanced Biometric Sensor

Equipped with 4 ultra-bright LED and an independent large PD, the Kieslect Ks2 can collect 35% more data volume compared to our last geneartion. Combined with Kieslect sophisticated heart rate algorithm, it improves the heart rate monitoring accuracy by 37%.



Enjoy 8 highly accurate 24/7 Health Monitoring Metrics.


Sports Modes

Designed to inspire, users can take on indoor and outdoor challenges with over 100 pre-programmed workout modes including running, cycling, strength training, golf swing, swimming, and more.

Smart Sports

As soon as you begin one of these 6 activities the watch will sense your movement and automatically suggest that you open the corresponding sports mode.

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