Is the anti-lost device the real answer? Tell you through actual measurement!

Who can say that you have never lost anything in your daily life? I think everyone has encountered it. Even some people who are usually very careful can hardly say that they haven’t lost anything. In recent years, with the rise of various smart electronic products, the electronic anti-lost device has also become a relatively popular small product. Today I will share with you Kieslect Smart Tag, which is an anti-lost device with two-way anti-lost function. The artifact has two-way reminders, intelligent anti-lost, one-click object finding and location memory functions. Its slogan is: Calm down from now on.

The first is the product packaging: the overall design of the Kieslect Smart Tag packaging is very simple, with three or four anti-lost device pictures on the front, which is easy to distinguish the number of products; there are 6 small icons on the back, highlighting the large loading of such a small body. Purpose; at the same time, it is also a product that supports IOS and Android dual systems.

After opening the box, you can see three or four Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost devices. They are firmly placed in the plastic inner support, which can effectively avoid damage to the items during transportation. In addition to the anti-lost device in the box, there are instructions and matching button batteries and hanging loops.

The Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device is available in black and white. There is a Kieslect logo on the body. There is only a physical button on the front at the bottom corner, and there is a circle of white LED indicators around it. When activated, it will emit a red Light.

The Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device is small and exquisite, you can see that it is not much bigger than a dollar coin, and you will hardly feel its weight in your hand, so you will hardly feel its existence when you carry it daily.

There is a hanging hole in the upper corner of the Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device, which can be used with the hanging ring in the accessories; a battery is built in the anti-lost device, and you can use it directly after you get it.

But if you want to realize all the functions of the Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device, you need to use it with the “Tuya Smart” APP on your mobile phone, which can be searched and downloaded directly from the mobile phone’s built-in application store.

Run the “Tuya Smart” APP for the first time and enter the main interface of the application, you will be prompted to directly “Add a device” button or you can click the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the interface to bind the device and bind multiple anti-lost devices at the same time.

The binding operation of the device is also relatively simple. First, ensure that the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on, and then only need to operate according to the system prompts. After the binding is successful, the user can customize the item picture and item name.

The Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device has two modes: object-finding mode and anti-lost mode. Users can choose according to their specific needs. The object-finding mode supports finding items and looking for mobile phones, but no reminder will be issued when items are lost; anti-lost mode supports losing reminders, finding items and finding mobile phones, but it will increase the power consumption of the mobile phone; you can also perform the “advanced settings” operation to perform Alarm distance setting and alarm delay time setting.

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