A trick for you not to lose things

Are you still worrying about this situation?

I forgot to bring my key or room card when I went out, and I often lost water glasses and umbrellas, even if I had reminded myself again and again.

When looking for important items, even though they have been searched for a long time, they could not be found.

I don’t even need to be limited to items. Have you ever worried about your old people, children, and pets getting lost?

The above-mentioned situation is actually possible for a prudent person. It is not difficult to see through this small survey that there is a high probability that everyone will have such troubles. Today, this anti-lost device, which is about the size of a coin, can keep you calm and face similar situations calmly.

You may know about anti-lost devices from Apple or Samsung, but did you know that they can only be used on certain models? Moreover, Samsung needs an updated system to support the use. I believe that few people will immediately replace their phones for the purpose of preventing loss. But have you ever heard of an anti-lost device that can be used even when you change your phone? Considering that the anti-lost device is “small but very important.” Therefore, this Kieslect anti-lost device can not only connect to iPhone, but also connect to all Android phones! So even if you change your phone and connect again, it can keep reminding you.

Some people may feel that they have no important items and do not need the help of an anti-lost device. But what I want to emphasize is that this is a true “two-way interconnection”. Believe in the importance of mobile phones is self-evident to us, “the sense of security of mobile phones, can not live without mobile phones” is the voice of many people. This feature means that it can locate your phone in the reverse direction, even if it is turned into silent mode, it can also make your phone ring and immediately find out where your phone is.

Imagine that when you go to and from get off work, it reminds you to remember to bring your keys and work phone, instead of waiting to rush back to pick it up when you remember; big bags when you travel on business, and this box is anti-lost Each device provides a convenient hook design. You can hang any item you want to hang; when you can’t find an item, you can open the phone map without hurried to locate it accurately, and the item will no longer play hide-and-seek with you; After a tiring day, when lying in bed and not wanting to get up, one-button remote control of lights, air conditioners, and music makes life so comfortable and comfortable in an instant.

At the price of this box, I can even buy at most one Apple or Samsung anti-lost device, but I still can’t use such a simple service because of the limitation of the mobile phone brand.

Are you still worrying about not finding something?

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